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We are the California real estate brokers and our job is to provide Broker Price Opinion as a preliminary valuation fo your probate property.  In California, A professional appraiser after inspecting the property, appraises the home based on the guideline set by California Bureau of Real Estate Appraisers (BREA).  Professional appraiser’s charges a fee for their services.  Our Property Valuations (Home Valuations, House Prices) for the Probate Residential Properties are FREE and are based on comparable market analysis of the neighborhood properties throughout California.  Just complete the information below and we will send you FREE, No obligation report may provide you some initial estimates of the decedents California Real Property.  Sometimes in the fast moving markets like California, property values change quite often and we will he happy to re-evaluate the property prices for you whenever needed.

The best part is it is FREE!  Just complete the information below and a detailed report on neighborhood and property valuation will be sent to your email.

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